Your Spotlight web page

Your web page appears as part of To see an example of a performer web page, click here

Who sees my web page?

Your web page can be seen by the hundreds of industry professionals who use Spotlight’s online services. These include large organisations such as the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky, through to individual casting directors, agents or independent production companies.
If you have an agent, he / she can also access your web page. They will use this to suggest you for castings / auditions.

What kind of information can be featured on my web page?

You can include all your credits, plus very detailed information about your appearance, specialist skills and accents etc. You can also include extra photos, voice-clips and showreels.

Information on your web CV is searchable. For example, a casting director could run a search for “an actress with brown hair who has a Welsh accent, is based in Bristol and who plays the cello” or “an actor with red hair who speaks German and is a highly skilled baritone singer.”

It is very important to keep your CV details up-to-date. Out of date CVs look very unprofessional and do put casting directors off.

What does ‘c/o Spotlight’ mean?

Performers who do not have an agent will appear as ‘c/o Spotlight’. This means that Spotlight handles casting enquiries on their behalf (free of charge). For security reasons, we do not publish personal contact details.
So, if someone wants to get in touch with you – they will call or email Spotlight. We will double-check the enquiry and then pass it on to you straight away. We take the privacy and security of our members very seriously, and this is reflected in the huge numbers of our clients who trust us with their personal details.

What are Spotlight PINs/Logins?

Every performer in Spotlight is given a View PIN number which can be used for viewing their web CVs. These are twelve digit numbers. Your View PIN is a number which can be handed out to casting professionals so that they can look at your CV on the Spotlight website. You will see a box in the top right hand corner of our home page (‘Search’), where View PINs should be entered.
You will also have the opportunity to access and amend your profile with confidential log in details (An Update PIN or Username and Password) which allows you to access your web CV and make updates and changes online. You must not disclose this to anyone else, even your agent.

I have checked my web page and some of the information is incorrect or out of date. What should I do?

You can update your web page at any time, as often as you wish, by logging-in. You can do this from anywhere with Internet access.
If you do not have Internet access, or do not feel confident when amending your details, you are welcome to e-mail your changes to us, or fax them to 020 7437 5881. Or you could put them in the post to: Data Processing Department, Spotlight, 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ.
Alternatively, you can visit Spotlight at any time Mon-Fri 10am-5.30pm and use one of the computers in our reception area. Spotlight staff will be on hand to help you if you have any questions.

When I try to update my CV, why aren’t my changes accepted?

This could be caused by a browser compatibility problem. We constantly test our website to make sure it works across as many platforms as possible (Mac, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) but it could be that the computer you are using has a browser that is not compatible.
Click here to read information about the browsers we recommend you use when accessing our website.
If you continue to have problems, please email us, including details of the browser & platform you are using.

I do not have access to the Internet, so how can I change or update my web page?

Your log in enables you to change your details (with the exception of the contact / agent details) from a web enabled device (phone / tablet) or computer anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. If you do not have the Internet at home, you might think about using an Internet Cafe or a library. We also have three Internet terminals at Spotlight which you are welcome to use if you are in London. Our office hours are Mon-Fri, 10.00am – 5.30pm.
Spotlight can also amend your details at any time. Either email these to or post them into us at Spotlight Data Processing, 7, Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ.

Why do I have more than one Spotlight web page?

If you appear for example as an actor and as presenter you will have a web page for each of these. For example, as well as an actor’s CV you might have a Presenter CV, or a Graduate CV. Each individual CV can feature different credits or photographs if you wish.

I have changed my agent but I can’t work out how to update this on my web page?

Only Spotlight can update agent details. Please email any changes of representation and we will update your details for you, usually the same day.

I have entered my View PIN number, but am told it is incorrect, or the CV I see is not mine. What is wrong?

First, make sure that you are entering the correct View PIN number where requested. If you are trying to update / amend your CV within the “Performers” section, make sure you are using your editing log in details (Update PIN or Username and Password).

Will my Spotlight CV show up in Google or other internet search engines?

No. Our website is designed so that Google and other internet search engines will not include Spotlight CVs in their search results. Your CV is only searchable by qualified industry professionals who subscribe to Spotlight. If you wish to share your CV with somebody who is not a Spotlight subscriber, you can do this using your Spotlight VIEW PIN; this will give them direct access to your Spotlight web page.

Does Spotlight keep my Web CV details if I am no longer a member?

No. If you are not a current member of Spotlight, all your web CV details including text, photography and media are permanently deleted. If you wish to become a member again you would need to re-provide all the information. For this reason we advise you keep either a hard copy or electronic file copy (screen grab etc) of your details.

How do I print my CV? And is there a way of doing this without the web information appearing at the top and bottom of the page?

To print your CV, you need to log in and then go to the link on the top right hand side which says “Print CV”. If a pop-up doesn’t appear automatically, press “File” on your menu bar and select “Print” from the drop-down menu. To remove the web information at the top and bottom of your CV, go to “File” on your browser tool-bar and then “Page Setup”.

For PC Users:
make sure that the header boxes (document title and document location (URL) and footer boxes (page number, page total and date printed) are blank. If the boxes are checked, click them to make them blank. Click OK to save your new page settings.

For Apple Mac users: make sure that the Header and Footer menus say “none” under the left, centre and right columns. Click OK to save your new page settings.
Then return to your CV and print as usual.

When do I get my Spotlight Card?

Cards are sent to all new performers joining Spotlight, with the exception of Children and Young Performers. You should receive your card within 4-6 weeks of joining. Lost and stolen cards should be reported to

How do I access Spotlight Card offers?

Spotlight card offers are featured on our website. You will be able to see them when you login.

I have my own website. Can I add a link to my Spotlight web page?

Yes. You can link to your Spotlight Internet CV using an address like this:

and replacing “1234-1234-1234” with your own View PIN. This will also work if you are trying to email somebody a link to your Spotlight Internet CV.

Can my own personal website be linked from my Spotlight web page?

Yes. You will need to email the address to

Can I use the Spotlight Logo as a link to your website or my web page?

Performers who are currently members of Spotlight may use the Spotlight logo on their own website as long as:

It is a single instance of the Spotlight logo as a link to our website, or to your own Spotlight web page

The logo must not imply Spotlight’s endorsement of any website or online service.

You notify including the full web address of the page/s where our logo is used.

To create a simple link to your CV, you can copy and paste the following HTML code into your own webpage. Remember to replace 1234-1234-1234 with your own View PIN.

Max Brophy Spotlight Profile

Click here to download the Spotlight logo if you or your web designer wishes to make your own button or link.

FAQ’s Getting Started In The Industry

I want to be an actor, how do I start?

There are many different ways to get into the performing arts. The most important thing at the start of your career is to train and gain experience.

A lot of actors start off in small low-budget stage or film productions to build up their experience and from there they start moving on to bigger jobs, so they can gain more credits.

Going to a drama school to gain a thorough grounding in performing techniques will give you the building blocks for a successful career, as well as allowing you to mix with other like-minded people and gain those all important connections that will help you as you progress.

Networking with other members of the industry is also a good way to meet people and learn about how things work. The Actors Centre is a great place to find out more about how to get into performing.

Is there a union for performers in the UK?

Equity represents both professional performers and creative practitioners. Its key purpose is to negotiate minimum terms and conditions of employment, as well as offering support and advice on contractual and legal issues. The union also provides a campaigning voice, ensures equal opportunities and helps set standards across the industry. Information on joining can be found here.

Where can I get some advice on which agency is right for me?

Spotlight is impartial when it comes to advising performers but a good starting point is the Contactssection of our website, which provides listings for everything from agents to casting directors, photographers to drama schools. You can use this tool to search your local area for agencies that could be best suited for you.

As a general rule you should never pay an agency any up front fees and you should always check any contract you are asked to sign.

I need to have my headshots done, which photographer should I use?

Again, Contacts will give you an overview. It’s important to choose a photographer who caters to your needs as a performer. For example, don’t choose a photographer that specialises in musicians when you are an actor or dancer. For more advice on your first headshot session, see our News & Advice section.
Your photograph is the first thing casting directors will see when you apply for jobs, so you want them to be good quality and appealing. Choose a professional who has plenty of experience and ask to see examples of previous work before you agree to anything. This way you will know what your headshot is supposed to look like; location, lighting and styling are all important factors and professionals will know what works and what doesn’t. 

Talk to your colleagues and peers who have already had their headshots done, if you see some you like then ask them where/who they had them done with – they will be flattered, and happy to help.

Lastly, make sure you ask for a price and package breakdown before you agree to anything.

Can Spotlight pass on fan mail?

Spotlight is unable to pass on fan mail on your behalf even for unrepresented performers. If you wish to send fan mail then you will need to research who the performer’s agent is, and contact their agent/PR directly.

Can I get information about someone’s agent?

Spotlight can provide agent details if the agent and performer both appear on Spotlight.

How do I find out more about the industry?

Contacts is free to use and contains resources for across the industry. We also provide free regular industry advice online.

I am concerned about the contract I am being asked to sign, what should I do?

If you have any concerns about the contract you are signing please seek advice before agreeing to sign it. You should never agree to terms you are not completely comfortable with. You may wish to speak to Equityor seek legal advice for peace of mind. Our top tips for understanding contracts may also be useful.

FAQs for Young Performers

How can a young performer join Spotlight?

A young performer wishing to join Spotlight must be a minimum of 4 years old and a maximum of 25 years old. This means you can join as a young performer until the date of your 25th birthday. A young performer must also be represented by an agent, and the agency should be registered with Spotlight. The agent can either complete the application for Spotlight on behalf of the young performer, for which full parent consent is required, or they can send an invitation directly to the parent/guardian to complete online and submit to us.

How do I know if an agent is registered with Spotlight?

Speak to your agent and if they are not registered they can contact us at for more information.

For Parents

For all your commonly asked questions not on this list, take a look at our article answering all your questions!

Can I, the parent, act as my child’s agent?

No, you are unable to represent a young performer. Representation must be by a registered agent.

Being an agent is a full time job and requires a good level of industry knowledge and experience. All agents registering with Spotlight will need to have been in business ideally for a minimum of one year. A website and a business email address are required and having a registered company number is always advisable.

Established contacts with casting directors would be expected, experience negotiating contracts, obtaining child licenses and each agent would need to hold an up to date DBS certificate. Once an agency has been approved they’ll need eight Spotlight clients to trigger the casting briefs being sent. 

Do I need to give my consent to my child’s agent to register them as a member with Spotlight?

Yes. Agents must always have a parent’s/guardian’s authorisation as set out in our terms. Alternatively, the agent can send you a Spotlight young performer ‘invitation’ for you to join your child online and submit directly to us.

Can I link more than one agent to my child’s profile?

Spotlight doesn’t recommend this as one agent should be sufficient. It is always important to check with the agent too, as many will specify sole representation only.

An agency has asked me to pay an agency fee when I sign my child with them – is this normal?

If you are asked to pay money when you sign with an agency you should always ask what the fees quoted are for and review the information in detail to ensure you are happy before making a payment. You can also check this page for further information that may be of help. Please note that this advice does not apply for drama schools in regard to drama training costs and similar.

If an agency will be processing a Spotlight entry for you, you can verify the current price for Spotlight memberships on our joining pages, in particular this one for our Young Performers

Can Spotlight provide information regarding jobs my child has been suggested for across the Spotlight Link?

Spotlight isn’t able to provide this information for legal reasons, so please contact your child’s agent to discuss submissions that have been made via Spotlight and any other casting systems or processes.

What if I have more than one child on Spotlight and have used the same email address/password for them?

If you have used the same email address for your children the system may not allow you to sign into all of their profiles as it will remember the profile you initially signed into. To resolve this you can either clear your browsing history or use different browsers for each child.

If you have used the same email address and password you will be unable to sign into both profiles with these details. Please contact our Membership Support team who will assist you with signing in.

For Young Performers

How do I sign in?

To sign in, please go to the Spotlight website and click the sign in button in the top right hand corner and then press ‘Performer’. Sign in with your username and password. If you have any problems signing in please email our Membership Support team on who will be happy to help. 

How do I access my Spotlight View PIN?

 To find your/your child’s Spotlight View PIN, you’ll need to sign into the account, where you’ll see ‘Link to my CV’ in the left hand column – this will lead you to a page with a green URL in the centre of the screen. This is the link to your profile, which also contains your View PIN.

Can Spotlight provide information regarding jobs my agent has suggested me for across the Spotlight Link?

Spotlight isn’t able to provide this information for legal reasons, so please contact your agent to discuss submissions that have been made by them via Spotlight and any other casting systems or processes.

Do I need to give my consent to my agent to register me as a member with Spotlight?

Yes. Agents must always have an individual’s authorisation as set out in our terms. Alternatively, once you’re 16, the agent can send you a Spotlight young performer ‘invitation’ for you to join online and submit directly to us.

Can I apply for jobs on the link board?

Your young performer membership does not give you access to the link board, so you will be unable to apply for jobs or view the link board. Only your agent can access casting breakdowns. Your agent will be responsible for all submissions so please speak to them about the roles you have been put forward for.

My school won’t allow time off for auditions, what should I do?

Education is immensely important and although you may enjoy performing, each school will have a different view on granting time off for auditions. Every local council has different guidelines on time off for auditions, so we recommend that you speak to your local borough who will be able to outline their guidelines. Make sure you always communicate with your agent regarding your availability to work. 

I don’t want to be a Young Performer – I want to join Spotlight as an adult. What do I do?

You can re-apply here. You will need to be a minimum of 18 years old and meet the criteria, in order to be eligible. Adult membership requires a minimum of four professional acting credits in film, television or theatre, or professional drama training. If you are not eligible don’t worry, young performer membership is available to you until you are 25, so you have time to gain the acting credits required for adult membership. Feel free to call us and ask for our Key Account Manager for Young Performers, Ellie Samuels, to discuss your eligibility further. 

I’ve been a Spotlight member before and let the membership lapse. I have agency representation and would like to join again – do I have to do a new application?

Possibly not! We’ve had a ‘Reactivate my Membership’ feature in place since 2015 so you may be able to simply sign in to your previous account and start the membership up again. Remember you do need to be represented by a young performer agent registered with Spotlight first though. Please give us a call if you aren’t sure when you were last a member, or if this applies to you.

Getting Started As A Spotlight Member

What criteria do I need to meet to join Spotlight?

Spotlight is for professional performers, so to become a member you need to have either formal drama training to graduate level, or have had speaking roles in at least four professional productions (in either television, film or theatre). You’ll be asked to provide evidence of your training and/or experience as part of your application. If you’re struggling, here are some great tips to help you on your way.

What counts as a professional credit?

A professional credit is a paid speaking role in a film, television or theatre production. This does not include short films, student productions, commercials, music videos, promotional videos or corporate videos.

What can I do if I don’t qualify for Spotlight yet?

The best thing to do is to try and get some experience in the industry. There are various ways to do this. Contacts is a great place to start. You can look into full or part-time training courses. Or try getting some experience in and around Fringe theatres and building as many networks with other actors and directors as possible. We provide regular advice online with all sorts of information that can assist.

You can also take a look at our partners page, as there are a lot of organisations that we work with that provide training or performance opportunities. These are a great way to gain experience and hone your acting skills!

Like any industry you are new to, you must be prepared to give up a lot of your free time, often without pay or immediate reward. This industry is as much about tenacity and determination as it is talent, so learn as much about the business as you possibly can. Read plays, see films, know the people behind the production. Be proactive and stay curious!

Do I need an agent to join Spotlight?

Not if you’re an adult performer. You can join as what’s called a ‘Care of Spotlight’ performer. This means that you’re able to submit yourself for roles that are sent out by casting directors and, when you’re asked to come for an audition, the invitation will come via Spotlight and be passed onto you.

I have just joined Spotlight what information will I receive?

Once you have made a successful application to Spotlight, you will receive a welcome email with sign in instructions. If you do not receive your welcome email to your inbox, please check your spam.

How do I sign in?

To sign in, please go to the Spotlight website and click the sign in button in the top right hand corner and then press ‘Performer’. Sign in with your username and password. If you have any problems signing in please email from your registered email address.

How do I access my Spotlight View PIN?

To find your Spotlight View PIN, you’ll need to sign into your account, where you’ll see ‘Link to my CV’ in the left hand column – this will lead you to a page with a green URL in the centre of the screen. This is the link to your profile, which also contains your View PIN. 

When will my first payment be taken?

If you have not been a Spotlight member before you will be given a 30 day cooling off period so you will not be billed until this period is over. As a brand new member, you can cancel your membership at any point before the 30 days are up and we will not take payment. If you have been on Spotlight before and are rejoining then your payment will be taken immediately.

How do I ensure my profile is set up correctly?

Get your Spotlight profile ready for any submissions you or your agent will make. Make sure you have completed as many sections as possible and update your profile as often as possible. Set yourself a calendar remind to check it regularly.

The more information you have on your Spotlight profile the more likely it is that you will be approached for the right roles. Please ensure that you keep us up to date with any changes to your agent, contact details and payment information. Here are some  top tips and advice about how to create the perfect Spotlight profile.

I don’t have an agent – how will hirers get in touch with me?

If you do not have an agent you will be ‘Care of Spotlight’, which means you are self represented. If an agent or casting director is interested in contacting you, they will send their enquiry to Spotlight and this will be forwarded to you by email. We will also send you a text to alert you to check your inbox. If you are unrepresented, it is essential that you keep us up to date with any changes to your contact information. You can do this by emailing our updates team.

What I can expect from my first month on Spotlight?

  • You will receive access to the link board. If you are self represented you should ensure that you check the link board on a regular basis for any suitable roles. Go to the ‘My Tools and Settings’ area in your account to ensure that you choose how you want to be notified of suitable roles and what filters you want to apply so roles are as targeted as possible to your preferences. Please bear in mind that you will only be able to view projects listed from the date that you joined Spotlight. In such a competitive industry it can take some time to be approached about roles or be invited in for an audition so please do not be disheartened if this does not happen immediately.
  • If you are represented by an agent they will be able to start putting you forward for breakdowns they receive.
  • You can access Spotlight Discounts, which are now available online for most of our membership and can be accessed via your Spotlight account. Just click on the Discounts logo. You will then be taken to a variety of discount options ranging from lifestyle, motoring and shopping to travel, insurance and special offers. Please note that the Spotlight card no longer offers you discounts in store and that you will need to use the online site to sign up to discounts. You’ll also have access to life insurance, a pension scheme, tax and legal helplines, and cover for jury service, all as an added, affordable benefits package.
  • You will have offers available through Contacts – an online directory of all things related to the industry. Many individuals and services on Contacts offer member-specific discounts.
  • You can access Spotlight Career advice – free of charge career advice sessions with an industry professional to help get the best out of your Spotlight experience, and advise you one on one.
  • You’ll have access to our great programme of Events throughout the year, including our very popular Open House – free to Spotlight members!

If you need any special help in your early weeks and months just get in touch.

How do I apply for jobs?

If you have an agent you will need to agree how you will be submitted for roles. Your agent has control over the level of access you have to the link board. You will automatically receive read only access, so please contact your agent directly about changing this. 

If you are a care of Spotlight member you will have access to the link board and will need to apply for roles you feel you are suitable for. You can do this by clicking on the breakdown and clicking on ‘submit cv’ you can include a covering note in the text box with any information you feel is important to your application. Keep this concise and relevant. If you would like to check the roles you have submitted yourself for you can do this by going to your link board and selecting ‘breakdowns with submissions’ from the dropdown box, here you will see a full list of breakdowns you have submitted yourself for.