About 360 Arts

360 Arts is an exciting part time performing arts school for children from 5-16+, featuring classes in dance, acting, singing,  including Adult Acting every week at 11am and more. The school is based in London on Sundays 10am-2pm @ The Vine Building, Middlesex University, Hendon, London NW4 4BT. Parking off Greyhound Hill. Performing arts classes run during school term time, and includes the following:

  • Star Turns 5-6 yrs
  • Singing Classes 7-14+
  • Street Dance Classes 7-14+
  • Acting Classes 7-9 & 10-12 & 13-16+
  • Adult Acting at 11am
  • Performing Arts School (PAS) = 3x1hour 7-14+
  • One to One Singing on request
  • One to One Acting/Audition Practice on request
  • Dance Troupe
  • Public Performances
  • Free tickets to Britain’s Got Talent
  • Free tickets to X-Factor auditions, boot camp, 6 chair challenge and the final
  • Lots of other opportunities for big TV shows including Catchphrase and Little Big Shots
  • Annual trips to theatre shows
  • Check out up coming stuff for this year’s trips

**(including visits from high profile industry professionals)

Each class will have no more than 20 students, allowing everyone to get individual attention and a chance to improve and shine.

Why not drop in and try a FREE Taster session!

Email us at 360arts@outlook.com or call us on 07961 025582

About 360 Arts

Whether your child is a rising star or just needs to build confidence and make new friends, 360 Arts offers a fun, safe place where they can explore their capabilities and realise their full potential as well as unlocking hidden talents and inspiring creative sparks.

360 Arts are committed to nurturing the most shy, self-conscious of characters whilst embracing and channelling larger than life personalities. So, whether your child just needs to improve their communication skills, public speaking, co-ordination and grow in confidence or they wish to pursue a career in the performing arts, our professional, trained teachers will work to your child’s individual strengths and capabilities whilst giving them a solid foundation in the three main performance disciplines.

Recent Class Visits

360 Arts Acting Patron TONY O’CALLAGHAN Visits

360 Arts Collaboration with The Heritage Fund

360 ARTS are proud to  confirm that some of our 13+ ACTORS are involved in The Heritage Project performance

I am so proud to announce that 360 Arts will be working collaboratively with The Heritage Fund in particular our 13+ Actors have been selected for The Generations of Learning Project.

Ashford Place is a charity providing social support in the Cricklewood area, including many elderly people.

With funding from the Heritage Lottery, the Generations of Learning Project has been recording the oral histories of Elders from the Irish and Pakistani communities, to preserve, share, and celebrate migrant heritage.

A key aim is to inspire younger generations from all walks of life, to encourage pride and confidence through the stories of the older generations.

One idea we have been developing to achieve these aims is using the testimonies to write short dramatic monologues & dialogues. 360 Arts 13+ Actors will be performing

The Heritage Fund is working with an emerging director, developing her specialism in community theatre, who has also received training from Company 3. They have also been working with specialists on developing scripts based on the transcripts.

The Heritage Fund are  big believers in supporting local talent and local organisations, we are delighted to be working collaboratively with them on such an important project which is so meaningful and heartfelt, we hope to do justice to the Elders story of migration.

Available Class Times

Studio 1

Registration 9.45am – 1.15pm

Studio 2

11.00-12.15pm : Star Turns 5-6 yrs
12.00-1.00pm : 7-9 yrs Acting

Studio 3

10-11am : 7+ yrs Street Dance
11-12pm : 7+ yrs Singing
10am : 10-11 yrs Acting
10am : 12-13 yrs Acting
1.00-2.00 pm : 14+ yrs Acting

Studio 4

Troupe Rehearsal
Band Rehearsal
1:2:1 – As scheduled

Adult Acting Class with Meg

Behind The Scenes

Upcoming Stuff

December Staff Function – Clayton Crown Hotel – Chiswick

Click the workshop tab to view the professionally facilitated acting 360 Workshop put together by Carol and the team

To book a 360 Arts Workshop please contact Carol: 360arts@outlook.com

360 Blog

Week 7

This week at 360 Arts was awesome! In dancing, we did the 6 step, went into a freestyle circle and freestyled! In troupe we almost finished our routine, almost ready for our 360 show on the 3rd of December!!! In acting we first did an acting game called ‘park bench’ and after that, we played […]

Week 6

360 arts was fantastic last week. I had loads of fun in all 4 lessons and the lessons were very interesting. In dance class, we tried really hard to perfect popping. In troupe, we stretched ourselves and went over and over our routine. At the end in acting, we played a couple of acting games […]

Week 5

This week at 360 Arts was lots of fun. I really enjoyed continuing to learn new steps in dance and we went over the routine to try to make it sharper. In acting, we practised our monologues and in the band, we practised singing ‘I want you back’ working hard on the choreography that goes […]

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