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360 Arts Workshop

As we begin to approach Christmas time again, we take a look back at last years 360 Arts Workshop and look forward to doing it all again in a few months time!

August Newlsetter

Dear All
I am really looking forward to welcoming you all back on 10th September but in the interim I wanted to let you all know about the exciting plans that I have for 360!
You will be pleased to know that Jorrdan will continue to take street dance lessons and Jane will continue to teach the Under 7’s and provide cover for the acting classes when needed.
Huge thanks to Jorrdan and Jane for their commitment to you all and 360, it is deeply  appreciated.
I am delighted to welcome Mat McPherson back to 360. Mat will be teaching 10-12 and 14+ Acting and cover singing when needed.
I am thrilled to be able to welcome Micah back to 360 to teach 7-9 Acting and Singing. Micah will cover Jorrdan if needed.
We have a new member of staff, Joe Lonsdale. Joe will be joining us to carry out all things technical.
Micah, Mat & Joe are  welcome members of the team and are fantastic additions to 360.
Social Media
I am improving our on-line profile and would ask you all to take a look at the new and improved website. As well as the updated “Meet The Team” section, in the top right there are icons to bring you to our social media pages.
Please help spread the word about 360 Arts by subscribing to 360’s free “You Tube” Channel. Post on Instagram and Tweet on Twitter.
The person who tweets and posts the most will win a substantial prize at the end of half term.
I am also looking for  “Champion Bloggers” to provide a “Child’s view” and “Parent view “of 360 on a quarterly basis, if this is something you would be interested in doing, please email me at 360@outlook.com. Parent and Child need to be unrelated.  Just a paragraph or two on all things 360.  All copy to be authorized by me.
These will be sent out weekly from the website. There will be a section on the website where you will be able to view current and previous versions
Quarterly Magazine
I am also looking for four children, one from each PAS class to act as journalists for 360 to help me put our first ever quarterly magazine together. They will need to interview parents children/teachers,  take pictures/video and report on all things 360.  All copy to be authorized by me. If your child is interested in being one of our resident journalists please send me an email to”360arts@outlook.com”
I am in the process of embedding a 360 calendar onto the website so  you are all kept up to date with term times etc.  Every time I update the calendar you will all get a notification either by email or text.
360 App
I will also be introducing the 360 App which will be easily downloadable to ensure up to date communication with all things 360!
Text Messaging
I will be subscribing to a text service so please make sure your contact details are correct. Ie: phone and email.
Jorrdan who won the UK Street Dance championships with his choreography a couple of years ago will be on the look out for troupe members. Training begins in earnest after half term. In addition to normal class fees, there will be a £5 rehearsal fee.
Troupe rehearsal will need focus, hard work, stamina  and a determination to succeed.
The troupe will be called “360 Elite” and I have got the graphic designer working on a logo as we speak.  There will be a separate, inexpensive, uniform for Troupe Members.  Jorrdan will be sourcing competitions, once you are all competition ready.
Micah will be selecting boy band and girl  band members to begin rehearsal after half term. in addition to normal class fees there will be a rehearsal fee of £5.
I am running a competition for names for each of the groups, the winning names will be picked by Micah and there will be a prize for the children who created the winning entry. Competition is open now and will run until the end of half term.
All competition entries to be sent to me : 360arts@outlook.com.
Recording Studio
All singers will be asked to attend the recording studio which has been booked for 25th November for the kids to record our annual Christmas 360 Medley which Micah will compose.
On the last day of term 3rd December will be a celebration for the end of our first term together.  It will be a bring and share lunch where we can celebrate the rich, cultural, diversity of 360 with foods from all your countries for everybody to enjoy.
Thank you all for your continued support, 360 is as much your school as it is mine. I can’t wait for the new term to begin, don’t forget please join me for some complimentary bucks fizz and pastries at 9.30 on 10th September.
Onwards and upwards, I’m sure, with your support 360 will be the best it can be.
Thank you all very much!!!
Best wishes,
Carol xx
Managing Director
360 Arts Limited