Code of Conduct



This code of conduct is for all parents and children working with 360 Arts Management, whether taking part in castings and auditions, or working professionally in TV, Film or Theatre.

When a child is booked for a professional job, it is sure to be a wonderful, exciting experience for all involved and we at 360 Arts Management want them, above all else, to enjoy themselves one hundred per cent and make the most of their unique opportunity. However, both children and parent chaperones must remember that they have been employed and are there ultimately to work and therefore they must conduct themselves in the appropriate professional manner. Parents and children must also remember that they are there representing the agency and stage school, and how they perform on set is integral to ensuring repeat opportunities and work – it is well known throughout the business that if a casting director/producer/company likes you, they will employ you time after time after time!

We have put together the following to ensure that all parents and children understand the professional standards required and also to protect the reputation of both artists and agency:


  • Castings happen at very short notice, usually within 24 hours of notification
  • The agency will never cover travel costs to auditions
  • Children must always be courteous and behave appropriately in castings
  • If the audition is in London, please make sure your phone is fully charged and use Google Maps  to find the address, do not phone the agency for directions!
  • If the audition is elsewhere, please get directions before you leave on the day
  • Plan your journey and check for any delays on trains/tubes
  • Always check for specific clothing when the agency is booking you in for an audition e.g. for a Sports commercial you may need to wear football kit, for Disney you will be told to wear brightly coloured clothing, most companies ask for clothing with NO LOGOS
  • When completing forms in castings, always put the agency details as a point of contact (email address, telephone number etc) never put your personal address or phone number on these forms
  • Children do not require a child performance licence for any auditions, castings or wardrobe call.

Behaviour whilst on set

  • No cameras are allowed on set, definitely no mobile phones to be used as cameras. In very rare circumstances, when the agency has had approval, we may ask you to take pictures whilst on set – THIS IS A VERY UNUSUAL REQUEST AND MUST BE APPROVED BY THE AGENCY
  • Parents and children must be aware of the professional environment and may under no circumstances approach other actors on set, call them by their character name or ask for autographs
  • If a child is accompanied by a professional chaperone rather than a parent, they are permitted to take a phone with them if they have one, in order to contact parents to let them know when they will be finished on set
  • Whilst on set, mobile phones must be switched off and left in the dressing room/trailer or with their chaperone
  • If a parent has any queries or concern whilst on set, they must contact the agency rather than a 2nd AD or production company contact. This also applies to payment queries e.g. how much? Or when will they be paid – do not ask this on set, call the agency and we will help you
  • As mentioned before for castings, if you are asked to complete any forms, please use the agency contact details, never personal details
  • If you are asked to sign anything such as a contract, chitty or anything that mentions money, always check with the agency first as we can confirm whether everything is correct on the form
  • Children must always remember their manners whilst on set, we will not tolerate bad behaviour – any breaches will result in exclusion from the agency
  • Children may not chew chewing gum whilst on set, they can bring books, quiet games etc to occupy them as there are often long waiting times, they can also bring bottles of water with them.
  • When a child completes a job, the parent must contact   Esther at the agency office regarding any press and PR coverage
  • Any photographs or filming whilst on set must be cleared by Esther before posting on the internet

Chaperones – all registered chaperones are DBS checked and licenced by the LEA

  • Children must listen to their chaperones, they are there to supervise and protect the children
  • If parents are meeting chaperones at an agreed point for the chaperones to then take the children to set, parents must be prompt when dropping off and picking up. It is often a very long day on set, and after being there for hours and then travelling back, a chaperone must not be left waiting around for parents to pick up their children
  • If your child is accompanied by a registered chaperone, you must make sure you have the chaperones telephone number to arrange the pick up. Unless advised by the agency, parents must not go on set with their children if there is a registered chaperone employed for the job, pick up & drop off places and times will be arranged – this especially applies to BBC and network drama work
  • We will occasionally ask for contributions for travel to shoots if a chaperone is taking their own car to set

General agency information and licencing

  • Parents must inform the agency immediately of any change of contact details e.g. address, mobile number etc
  • When you are given the go ahead to licence your child for a performance, the documents must be collated immediately and taken to the council for completion as soon as possible – even that day if you can!
  • The documents required to process a child performance licence are:
  • Part 1 form, completed by the production company
  • Part 2 form, completed by the parent/guardian, this will either be sent to you from the agency via email or you will be able to complete this at the council when you take the rest of the documentation in
  • 2 passport photos of the child
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate

We hope this has been helpful for you and, most importantly, the whole team at 360 Arts Management wish that the children have fun and enjoy the experience!!