Week 11

Hi it’s Sydney – your current 360 blogger!

I loved this week at 360. I went to a script class to learn lines that I have for a film audition this week. It was taken by Alex (a new teacher) who was very good and also super nice. Dance was great as usual, as were singing and acting.

Thank you for listening to this weeks blog and see you next week.

Love Sydney

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Week 10

Hello, it’s Sydney here.

During 360 this week we continued with the excitement. My cousin attended a trial day and we worked together to make a routine in dance. During drama, we were taught a new game which we all enjoyed playing. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to watch a show (Cinderella) and therefore missed the singing part of 360. I look forward to being there next week.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog

From Sydney x

Week 9

Hi it’s Sydney,

Today at 360 there was a big shuffle. Classes were split as more children joined. Today, I stayed with Micah for singing and acting (I can still hear his voice in my head). My favourite part of the morning was playing bogey touch, where we all laughed. We enjoyed singing, acting and dancing together and look forward to seeing each other next week. Thanks for reading and see you all next time.

From Sydney x

Week 8

Hello, it’s Sydney again,

During 360 today we were busy doing lots of things. It was so much fun as usual. Eight new people joined and that means I met eight new friends.

We improvised in dance and then performed our moves to the class. We took part in many singing exercises, and in acting we did hot seating (where we pretend to be someone and the others have to guess who you are).  During band rehearsals we continued to practice the two songs we are learning (mine is Quiet from Matilda – I really like it).

I hope you enjoyed my blog and you will hear from me again next week.


A big welcome to 360’s new guest blogger, Sydney!

Hi, this is Sydney your new Blogger at 360 Arts. Each week I take part in singing, acting, dance and band practice. It is really fun!

In dance, Jordan taught us new hip-hop techniques to add to the routine we were working on.  Next, in singing we auditioned for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. During acting we practised monologues with Micah – also my singing, acting and band practice teacher. Finally, during band practise we sang songs and at the end I got to perform in front of the other children and their parents. It felt really good.

Thanks for reading x