Auditions for over 25 yrs. Can be held at anytime, usually at short notice

Young Performer Auditions (Age 5 – 25) are normally held at very short notice after school/college in Central London.

Musical theatre auditions are held during school time and at the weekends.

The requirements of 360 Arts Management are:

  • You keep Tagmin updated with your availability
  • If Tagmin shows you are available then you are expected to go to auditions
  • We offer a one strike system, forgetting to update Tagmin will result in 360 Arts Management terminating your contract
  • You provide professional headshots, preferably taken by our photographer
  • You keep you Spotlight profile updated
  • You are responsive to emails and good at communicating
  • Your turn up to castings on time
  • You are “off book”
  • You attend 360 Arts Management Industry and Self Tape Workshops