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360 Arts School

December 3, 2018

My daughter loves going to 360. Her confidence has grown so much and she has made lots of friends. Carol and Tilly are great and bring out the best in all the children. Thank you so much Tracey! Much appreciated x

Tracey Appleyard

X Factor July 2018 and 360 Arts

September 1, 2018

Had an amazing evening! My daughter and her friend really enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to Carol for giving us the tickets and organising everything on the night of the event to a very high standard. As for the acting classes my daughter attends, they’re fantastic. She feels comfortable there and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

Magda Kozlica-Staskiewicz

Fantastic team, great environment and lots of fun

September 1, 2018

My son has done only one term with 360 and has already performed in a band. He has come back each week from class singing and dancing. He absolutely loves it. The team work really hard to get the kids confident and to their potential. We can’t wait for this term.

Susan Colton

Lovely environment

July 31, 2018

My daughter has only been along to 3 session leading up to half term and she has asked to return in September. She seems to be already more confident . Thanks to the staff for Their patience you are doing a fab job. Best Natalie Patterson

Natalie Patterson

Amazing evening at the X Factor auditions

July 30, 2018

Thank you for an amazing evening at the X Factor auditions – everything was well organised, the seats were excellent and we all had a family, fun-filled evening! A great experience for the kids and adults!! Thank you for the opportunity.

Meela Shah

Very intense and motivating performance school! Thank you Carol!

July 27, 2018

My daughter joined via trial class only in May but she is so engaged and loving these classes. A lot of learning in signing, dancing and drama together with building confidences in performances and stage shows. Very rewarding, cannot recommend more


Great Experience from Start to Finish!

July 26, 2018

Thank you for a great experience at the X Factor auditions – everything was well organised, the seats were excellent and we all had a family, fun-filled evening!

Katherine Curtis

Xfactor auditions

July 24, 2018

An amazing evening. Great fun was had by all. A great experience for the kids and adults!! Thank you for the opportunity.



July 24, 2018

We had a fantastic time on Friday the 21st of July 2018 at the Wembley Arena during the xfactor auditions. The kids were all happy on that day. Thank you so much Carol for a great day for the children and we the adults as well. Well done for a great job done. You are the best.


Fantastic juggler!

July 23, 2018

Thank you so much for organising the X Factor tickets, we had a great time! You answered countless questions and maintained efficient and professional at all times.

Roz x

X Factor Ausditions - 2018

July 23, 2018

Once again the very brilliant Carol managed to ensure that all 400 of us got the requested tickets for last Friday’s X Factor auditions. How she manages to pull this logistical feat off, and while keeping a very big smile on her face, never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Carol for all your efforts. We had a ball at the auditions and sincerely look forward to obtaining more tickets through you in the future.

Laura Capraro

X Factor Auditions 2018

July 23, 2018

Carol arranged tickets for this years X Factor auditions for our group of 6 and once again I was blown away by the professionalism and friendly manner is which Carol works. There was a huge amount of organisation involved and Carol managed it to perfection. Huge thanks lovely lady xx

Dawn Smyth

X factor!

July 23, 2018

Thanks a million Carol. You are an amazing super woman. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to watch X factor live and for your effort and help. You organised everything flawlessly. 😘😘

Saadia shahzad

X Fantastic!🎉

July 23, 2018

Thank you for a superb night! The children and I had a brilliant time! The information you provided about the venue, ticket collection, parking and travel was superb. The evening was relaxed and extremely well organised. The seats were fantastic. We could clearly see all the judges and the contestants 😍! Roll on the 6 chair challenge and finals!

Claudia H

X factor auditions

July 23, 2018

Thank u carol for organising tickets to see x factor at Wembley. We really enjoyed it and the children thought it was a fab experience!!

Valerie Durkin

X Factor 2018

July 22, 2018

Thank you Carol to you and your team. The kids and I had an enjoyable evening. Hopefully Looking forward to attending the 6 chair challenge. Thanks again!😊

Melissa Sharpe

5th Time attending The X Factor

July 22, 2018

Thanks again to Carol and the team at 360 arts for all your hard work and dedication in enabling us all to go to The X Factor. It’s a great and free night out and has made great lasting memories for the kids. We tend to expect to just go every year now but do really appreciate what you do – We have a great photo with Rak Su at The Final last year!

Terri Rayhaman

X factor

July 21, 2018

Wow what a fantastic evening. You can always rely on Carol and the team at 360 to provide such professionalism. The night was organised perfectly. Great seats, no queuing,brillant atmosphere, thank you so much Carol was definitely a success. Really appreciate your hard work, looking forward to next time.


Amazing Experience

July 21, 2018

Massive thank you to Carol for arranging the tickets for X Factor. All the hard work and organisation that went into it must have been huge but Carol remained professional and friendly at all times. I could not recommend Carol and her team enough. Thanks again!

Siobhan Tett


July 21, 2018

💥Thanks so much Carol for X Factor night, Organisation of it mustve been mental!! We had such a good evening, really great seats, overall a 5star evening 💥


Carol has the X-factor

July 20, 2018

Fabulous night out for me and my family; thank you for organising what must have been a logistical nightmare! Thank you Carol! X

Emma Gardner

Fantastic Team!

May 8, 2018

Carol and the whole team at 360 are brilliant! So approachable, friendly and extremely professional. The staff are lovely to be around, and are genuinely happy to help share their experience, knowledge and wisdom to help the kids develop and progress. Such a lovely company – highly recommended.


Number 1 theatre school!

April 22, 2018

My 14 year old daughter has just started her 2nd term at 360 arts, (feels like forever ago) and what a fantastic first term she had! She has gone from strength to strength with her singing and has found her love of performing again. After attending two other well known theatre schools from the age of 3 I can honestly say finding Carol and her team was a god send. They are truly committed to the children who attend and go up and beyond their call of duty and are also just genuine,lovely people. This theatre school provides fantastic opportunities and experiences. Seeing my daughter perform to 200 people at the great Ormond street gala was a proud moment and what a fantastic job they all did and with just 2 weeks notice! The value for money at 360 arts is irrepplaceabke . I still cannot believe this is the cheapest theatre school I have found! However the quality speaks for itself and 360 arts is definetely my number 1.


New term excitement to build on Gt Ormond St Charity event success

April 21, 2018

Looking forward to return after the long break! Just wanted to reiterate the previous reviews. The Gt Ormond Street Charity evening was an amazing feat of organisation & dedication by the staff & children alike, to be able to produce such wonderful performances with only 2 weeks notice. Considering that it was many of the children’s first ever performance in front of an audience, you would never have known – they all performed like seasoned pros. From the many members of the audience who went out of their way to come & say how much they enjoyed it & thought the kids were incredible, it is not as some may suspect, just biased views of their parents and people associated with 360. Most importantly the kids enjoyed themselves too! Due to the short notice & late start time there was only a few of the immensely talented 360 youngsters available but with the new bookings taken from this, hopefully we will get to see many more of them in the weeks to come – onwards & upwards. The futures bright, the futures 360!

Ann Harris

Great Ormond Street fund raising event

April 5, 2018

Carol and the 360 Team were able to organise a professional entertaining 5 star event for over 150 diners at the hotel in just 2 weeks with children performing monologues with the trained expertise of the 360 acting teachers, singing to high standards as the children had training at the 360 singing classes. The audience loved it so much! My son had such fun learning ‘I Wish I Was Our Sammy’ from Willie Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers’. He has performed this to the grand parents this Easter! Looking forward to the next event.

Caroline Lancaster

Great Ormond Street Charity Event at the Clayton Hotel

April 2, 2018

Thank you for providing the opportunity for my children to sing at such a well turned out charity event in the Clayton hotel. It was a terrific night in aid of a good cause, with superb performances from the children that made me so proud. Thanks again to Carol and the team for making 360 a place where they look forward to going each week. They have really grown this year in terms of talent, and is even more enjoyable having such a great team behind them, and friends they have made for a lifetime! x

Karlyn Kyle

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Event

April 2, 2018

Thank you soo much for inviting Freddie to sing at the charity night at The Crown Hotel. He wouldn’t be the confident performer he is, if it hadn’t been for the singing teachers he worked with during his time at 360Arts. It always astounds me, the confidence the children ooze performing I frount of audiences, WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!!!

Kelly Hunter

Fantastic Evening thank you Carol!

April 2, 2018

Marina performed a street dance routine toger with two others at The Clayton Crown hotel and absolutely loved the experience! It has given her such a boost and she is happy to have gained the confidence to be able to perform at such a plush event in front of so many strangers who clapped and cheered them on. She has come away on a high!!

Terri Rayhaman

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Event

March 31, 2018

Well what a night guys! i would like to start with saying just say how incredably proud i am of each and every one of the children that took part in the event all performances were amazing what a pleasure it was to witness and a HUGE thank you to the staff at 360 for making it possible. I cannot express how thankful i am that my daugter Calli has personally benefitted already from being at 360 even though it has only been a short amount of time, she has gone from this very shy and quite girl that lacked confidence, to this shining star we saw on Friday acting out a scene infront of a room full of people. None of this would have be possible if it wasnt for Carol and the rest of the 360 staff and would like to thank them again for their outstanding commitment and support they all provide for the children they are doing outstanding work.

Anita Collins

360 Arts brilliant and building confidence

March 30, 2018

Such a great organisation for giving children confidence and belief. My daughter had virtually no acting experience but in the space of weeks was performing a scene from Friends in front of an audience of 150 people. She was terrified but so thrilled with the outcome. Carol imbues 360 Arts with an incredible energy and enthusiasm and gives kids a sense of wonder and excitement. Priceless.

Jeremy Shoham

Great Ormond Street Charity Event

March 29, 2018

What a great evening the children were all amazing and their confidence was great. Carol and her team are very professional. Well done everyone involved and to Carol for giving everyone opportunities to shine in their own special ways xx

Susan Padian

Five Star

February 23, 2018

My son has been going to 360 Arts for around 7 weeks now. He did the acting class on the first week but he then wanted to do the singing and dancing classes the following week as he could see what he was missing out on. I just want to thank the always smiling Carol and her great team as well as they put my son at ease from the minute he walked through the door. Some of these classes can be daunting for a nine year old but he seems to have slotted in quite nicely interacting with fellow pupils and teachers. The lessons are great for building up his confidence and social skills which I can see an improvement in even though he has only been there for a short time. I would thoroughly recommend these classes to anybody with children as I am sure it will put a smile on their faces.

Natalie Elias


December 24, 2017

Thank you to Carol, for organising tickets to XFactor. All went very smoothly and it was a lovely experience.


X Factor

December 7, 2017

Thank you so much for lots lots lots of your effort to organizeing to getting X Factor Final tickets for us. We family had a super wonderful timel ! We won’t forget this special memory. Thank you, Carol !!!


Amazing. Beyond words

December 6, 2017

My daugther has been coming to 360 Arts since the end of September it was to build her confindence which she has gained alots thanks to the wonderful teacters. I have now also joined the adult drama classes which i so enjoy. Both myself and my daugther look forward to Sunday mornings spending it with the 360 arts team. Cant thank Carol enough for organising X Factor tickets for me and my family we had such a lovely evening at the final. Very excited and happy teenage girls. Thank you Carol. Xxx

Sarah Naziri

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