Week 6

360 arts was fantastic last week. I had loads of fun in all 4 lessons and the lessons were very interesting. In dance class, we tried really hard to perfect popping.

In troupe, we stretched ourselves and went over and over our routine. At the end in acting, we played a couple of acting games and decided the storyline of our acting piece.

Thanks for reading, see you in two weeks.

Week 5

This week at 360 Arts was lots of fun. I really enjoyed continuing to learn new steps in dance and we went over the routine to try to make it sharper.

In acting, we practised our monologues and in the band, we practised singing ‘I want you back’ working hard on the choreography that goes with it. See you all next week!

Week 4

This week at 360 Arts was brilliant as I had lots and lots of fun.

In dancing, we first did the 6 step, then combos and finally freestyle.  In dance troupe, we went over and over the routine and we added some more on.

At the end, in acting, firstly we played splat and then we acted the game ‘hot seat’. Thank you ever so much for reading, see you next week.