Welcome to 360 Arts weekly blog

Week 9

Hi it’s Sydney,

Today at 360 there was a big shuffle. Classes were split as more children joined. Today, I stayed with Micah for singing and acting (I can still hear his voice in my head). My favourite part of the morning was playing bogey touch, where we all laughed. We enjoyed singing, acting and dancing together and look forward to seeing each other next week. Thanks for reading and see you all next time.

From Sydney x

Week 8

Hello, it’s Sydney again,

During 360 today we were busy doing lots of things. It was so much fun as usual. Eight new people joined and that means I met eight new friends.

We improvised in dance and then performed our moves to the class. We took part in many singing exercises, and in acting we did hot seating (where we pretend to be someone and the others have to guess who you are).  During band rehearsals we continued to practice the two songs we are learning (mine is Quiet from Matilda – I really like it).

I hope you enjoyed my blog and you will hear from me again next week.


A big welcome to 360’s new guest blogger, Sydney!

Hi, this is Sydney your new Blogger at 360 Arts. Each week I take part in singing, acting, dance and band practice. It is really fun!

In dance, Jordan taught us new hip-hop techniques to add to the routine we were working on.  Next, in singing we auditioned for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. During acting we practised monologues with Micah – also my singing, acting and band practice teacher. Finally, during band practise we sang songs and at the end I got to perform in front of the other children and their parents. It felt really good.

Thanks for reading x

Week 7

This week at 360 Arts was awesome! In dancing, we did the 6 step, went into a freestyle circle and freestyled!

In troupe we almost finished our routine, almost ready for our 360 show on the 3rd of December!!! In acting we first did an acting game called ‘park bench’ and after that, we played a game which involved us speaking gibberish and using our body language to make everyone understand what you are doing.

Hope you enjoy this see you next week!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Week 6

360 arts was fantastic last week. I had loads of fun in all 4 lessons and the lessons were very interesting. In dance class, we tried really hard to perfect popping.

In troupe, we stretched ourselves and went over and over our routine. At the end in acting, we played a couple of acting games and decided the storyline of our acting piece.

Thanks for reading, see you in two weeks.

Week 5

This week at 360 Arts was lots of fun. I really enjoyed continuing to learn new steps in dance and we went over the routine to try to make it sharper.

In acting, we practised our monologues and in the band, we practised singing ‘I want you back’ working hard on the choreography that goes with it. See you all next week!

Week 4

This week at 360 Arts was brilliant as I had lots and lots of fun.

In dancing, we first did the 6 step, then combos and finally freestyle.  In dance troupe, we went over and over the routine and we added some more on.

At the end, in acting, firstly we played splat and then we acted the game ‘hot seat’. Thank you ever so much for reading, see you next week.

Week 3

This week, 360 Arts was amazing because I had lots and lots of fun in all 3 classes. In dancing, we first did our warm-up and then moved onto the wave and then, finally, we practised on flow.

In dance troupe, we just went over our routine and added a bit more to it. Finally, in acting we started by playing a couple of rounds of splat, then we played park bench and then hot seat. Hope you like this blog, see you next week.

Hope you like this blog, see you next week.

Week 2

Instead of doing singing this week, I did dance troupe and within that, we danced more six-step and then went onto the technique of flow.

At the end, we practised the routine. In the final hour (Acting), we practised our second monologues and performed them to the class. The end of another busy week at 360 Arts.

Week 1

Welcome to my 1st weekly blog. My name is Ruby Peshavaria and I am the 360 Arts journalist.

Today was a bit more chilled than usual lessons as it was the first lesson back.

Dance was great because we first focused on a foundation such as gliding. Next, we moved on to a brand-new routine.

Then in singing, for a little bit, we did our warm up and for the rest of the time, we learnt a bit of our new song (fame).

Finally, in acting, we read a couple of monologues, chose our favourite one and performed them to each other.

It was really good to see all the new faces and I had a great start to the new term.